Coursera Exploratory Analysis Project 1 Tutorial

After completing this tutorial, you will know how to:

  • Estimate how much memory is required to process a data set
  • Convert time variables stored as characters into Date/Time class
  • Make plots
  • Save plots to various formats
  • Use GIT to to publish your work to an online repository


Estimate Memory Requirement

The amount of computer memory you need to process a data set can be estimated if you know the number of columns and rows your data has. Let’s give it a shot using Kaggle’s Global Terrorism Database:

Memory Required = Columns x Rows * 8 bytes

columns <- 137
rows <- 156772
bytes <- columns*rows*8
gigabytes <- bytes/1e9

We’ll need 171,822,112 bytes to process this data set. There are 1 billion (1e+9) bytes in a gigabite, hence we will need approximately 0.17 GBs to load and process this data set. No problem!

Rest of tutorial coming soon!


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