Review of Texas A&M’s Online Statistics Masters

When I first began researching schools to get my master's, the number of choices available were overwhelming. At the time of my research, US News & World Report had a list of about 100 statistics programs and QS World Universities had 200. These did not even include other programs I was interested in such as … Continue reading Review of Texas A&M’s Online Statistics Masters



Assuming your YEARCUTOFF option is set to 1926, what value does this code display? DATA df; variable = '01Jan15'd; FORMAT MMDDYY10. variable; RUN; PROC PRINT DATA = df; RUN; A) 01/01/1915 B) 01/01/15 C) 01/01/2015                       Answer: C Because the date cutoff is 1926, SAS … Continue reading YEARCUTOFF